Ondas Asesinas: Episodio 18





ETERNAL DELYRIA: Intro-Mutation / Wake Up

ITNUVETH: Pausilaur III Eternal Punishment / Breath of Hell / Escape

SVIPDAGR: Your Misery

GRUESOME: Necromating / Blakeneds Limbs

PRAY THE DARKNESS: Damned’s Cemetery / Send Him To Golgotha

SYLOSIS: Creeping Existence / Winds Of Inquisition

ASHBRINGER: Oceans Apart / Yügen

ASTRAL PATH: Maroon Sea / A Virulent Delusion

ORPHANS OF PIETY; Bastards / Path Of The VIctors

ABSCENDENT: Penance / Compelled

Ondas Asesinas / Broken Tomb

Juan Carlos Espinoza/Ciudad Zero Radio 2017

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